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Here I am, first time in Blogland. The contents that follow will document my continuing adventures as a Computer Science / Biology double major, after having retired from a 35 year software engineering career. The reason for this is sometimes unclear, but at other times, on days of less frustration, it is because I am fascinated with the idea of learning enough about these two fields to return to the “Workforce” as a Bioinformatics Software Engineering consultant.

I am told by friends that life would be maybe more fun if I laid back, and spent my years in retirement playing golf, or hanging out at my club, or traveling. Well, I am not great at golf, and golfers have a saying that you haven’t made it yet until you can shoot your age. My best score is a 97, so I need to live another 30 years for that to happen. I don’t see myself spending that time not at least attempting to do something important with my life. So my intention is to continue on this path until I can make a mark on this crazy world we live in.

I haven’t used WordPress’s UI before, so this is another learning experience. I will grow this blog to describe and document my activities, and improve the interface as time progresses.

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